Isis & Osiris’s Universe

Meet Isis & Osiris, one the mirror image of the other, the two poles of existence whose encounter makes all walls and borders crumble and takes us beyond the limitations of duality. Without tiring, they keep building bridges between them, while their souls are woven together until they blend into one sacred union. They invite you to witness their sacred dance as they guide you through this elixir…

Meet Isis

Isis is an Egyptian goddess of almost limitless power. She represents the mother goddess, the feminine aspect of the divine, the female polarity of “god-energy”, the supreme female deity. Unlike other goddesses, she represents all aspects of the goddess figure, she is the representation of the all-encompassing divine feminine.

Isis is the keeper of great mysteries, such as the mysteries of life and death and the mysteries of body and spirit. She is the guardian and the keeper of the veil that separates our reality with the invisible world. She decides whether we gain access to secret and sacred information or if it is kept hidden from us. She is the goddess presiding over life and death, helping souls of the deceased on their perilous journey into the afterlife and holding the secrets of resurrection. The mummification ritual was created by Toth and Anubis upon her insistance, as part of the resurrection ritual of Osiris. She is the goddess of rebirth ever since she managed to reassemble and revive the body of her murdered husband Osiris and bestow eternal life upon him.
She is the goddess of magic, presiding over such magical gifts as healing and the knowledge of medicine and she is the keeper of all wisdom, including divine wisdom.

Symbols of Isis

Meet Osiris

Osiris is the Egyptian god of the underworld, ruler of the land of the dead and the afterlife, god of transition, resurrection, and regeneration. He is husband to Isis, firstborn son of Geb (earth) and Nut (sky) and father of Horus (with Isis) and Anubis (with Nephthys). Osiris is believed to be his coronation name, his birth name is commonly believed to be Wennefer, Wser or Weser “The Perfect one” or “The Almighty”. Osiris was also known as The Lord of Love, King of the Living, and Eternal Lord. As ruler of the underworld, he is also considered to be the power that is responsible for all life while it is in the ground or that springs from the ground, such as sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River, regenerating the land of Egypt.

Symbols of Osiris

The Isis & Osiris Elixir offers support for:

Regain inner balance

When you feel unstable or manifest extreme behaviour in certain areas of your life or when you suffer from addictions, dependences or compulsive desires. Beneficial for people that need to balance out an excess in energy in certain areas of life or that lost control over their actions.

Harmonise masculine and feminine energy

For each person that feels an excess or a lack of masculine or feminine energy in their lives. These two aspects are present in each of us and we need to be able to access both to live a balanced life

Find balance within your couple

For people that feel an imbalance in their couple: if one person is more dominant, the other person fades into the background or when the two partners are not on the exact same wavelength and when your life as a couple revolves mainly around one of the partners. Beneficial for people that want to live a balanced and harmonious relationship

Harmonise your approach to men/women

For people that feel uncomfortable reaching out or exchanging with men or women, to regain confidence in the same or opposite sex or when you feel anger, frustration or contempt towards a certain gender. It is essential to be able to move past that to be able to become whole

Have a healthy sexlif

The Isis & Osiris Elixir helps free you from shame and dissolve scruples (as well as unhealthy desires) to be able to meet each other confidently, in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.

About Isis & Osiris

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