Mary’s Universe

Meet Mary, the voice of justice that resounds in each of us, she who is our beacon through the most violent storms. Mary whose tears heal the wounds of the earth and who gives birth to calm and serenity, she who help you get back up time after time, is she who accompanies you through this elixir…

Meet Marie

“Mary” was inspired by two women. The first one being Mary, daughter of Anne (Anna) and Joachim raised in Ephesus where she was taught the art of healing, literature, spirituality by Anne to prepare her spirit and soul for her purpose and to prepare her body to receive and contain the energy of Jesus’s incarnation. She is also the mother of Jesus and the wife of Joseph. She is the grail that allows the divine to incarnate on this earth and she illustrates the fact that in this world, humanity incarnates through women. The feminine is the portal of incarnation of mankind.
According to Catholic tradition she gave birth after having been impregnated by the holy spirit and she remained a virgin, from conception all through the birthing of her son Jesus. Her virgin state symbolises above all her incredible purity, she was described as being without sin, of extraordinary kindness, good will and compassion, in a state of unconditional love towards all that live. As a testament to this purity she adhered to the principle of simplicity, in the sense that she had the gift to go to the essence of all things and communicate directly with the source of all beings as an incarnation of divine grace.
She was entirely devoted to what she felt was her purpose, giving birth to Jesus and allowing the world to find its way back to harmony and balance through his incarnation. She was directly connected to the divine, which allowed her to ascend into the heavens, at the end of her life, with her physical body intact.

Marie’s symbols

  • The Assumption is the feast of the Virgin Mary on August 15
  • The blue coat that is present in every representation of the Virgin Mary.
  • 12 stars of Mary
  • Marie Madeleine is celebrated on 22th July


Meet Mary Magdalene

The second “Mary” that inspired this elixir is Mary Magdalene, the wife and equal of Jesus. Both of them incarnating the sacred union together. This unity between masculine and feminine energy within their couple allowed them to pursue their spiritual quest and to be of great mutual support and help. If Jesus was the incarnation of the celestial divine, Mary Magdalene was that of the terrestrial divine, of the soul of the earth. Some sources say that “Magdala” means tower in Aramaean, which would correspond with her presence and energy, she was described as a woman that rose above the masses by the grandness of her soul, her strong spirit, wisdom, unmovable faith and courage, solid as a tower. Mary Magdalene as an archetype is a woman that is close to the earth, who holds ancestral knowledge, as a warrior of love, a woman whose strength is endless, guided by her intuition and feelings, a faithful representative of mother earth.

Together, the two Maries represent a complete woman, a woman that cannot be pigeonholed, free of all need to define or control her. A woman that is wild as she is spiritual, delicate as she is strong, impressive as she is discrete, creative and soft, assertive, sensitive, confident, compassionate, wise, intelligent, etc. The feminine in all its colours, forms and possible manifestations. Like the water of this earth that can sometimes manifest with the softness of a forest stream, the profound calmness of a mountain lake, the boisterous enthusiasm of an ocean meeting the coast line or the non-negotiable force of a towering waterfall.

The Mary Elixir offers support for:

Oral expression

Express yourself with assurance and clarity, use the right words, speak publicly with ease, express yourself with confidence in a group setting. Helps dissolve any obstacles of communication such as language barriers. Helps you speak your truth, in all circumstances, in a direct but gentle manner.

Express and clarify your emotions

Helps you find the right words to express what you feel in your heart, helps evacuate painful or unbalanced emotions without hurting anyone.


Helps purify and cleanse your etherial and physical body from any blocage that is caused by so-called “negative” emotions such as sadness, anger or rancour (emotions that scar the throat chakra).

Open up to universal communication

A human being is naturally able to feel connected to all that surrounds us and everything that lives on this planet or beyond, as well as communicating with the elements. If we want to evolve, it is essential we reconnect to a larger, more intuitive sense of communication and let all of our senses express themselves.

About Mary

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