Merlin’s Universe

Meet Merlin, he who manifests through every “impossible” event you go through, who communicates with you through life’s synchronicities and unexpected developments. He who helps you laugh off your misfortune and stay humble throughout your successes is he who accompanies you through this elixir…

Meet Merlin

Merlin is the enchanter, the great magician, the one who roams the forests and moves from tree to tree, who masters the elements and plays around with them. Merlin is the eccentric professor archetype, he who holds tremendous wisdom but often goes unnoticed and incognito as he uses his magic in ways that often go undetected and are mistaken for natural phenomena. He has a bit of a mischievous spirit who loves to play with the minds of man and test their sense of reality by making certain objects suddenly appear or disappear. He is a sorcerer, a magician who uses his gifts to support and instruct those that are on a path of truth and wisdom and to misguide and trick those that have chosen a path of lies and chaos. He is mysterious, unpredictable and rarely reveals himself in the same way twice.
He is the compagnon of travellers, vagabonds, explorers of life and consciousness, those who are on a quest of true transformation and alchemy. For those who are ready to believe in magic, he can lift the veil between different dimensions and allow them to have a perception of magical and mystical worlds.

In Arthurian mythology, Merlin instructed Arthur and prepared him to be king. Having the gift to see beyond the limitations of time and space, Merlin foresaw the necessity of Arthur’s presence for the wellbeing of the realm and moved heaven and earth to ensure his birth and allow him to take his rightful place. Merlin helped him get crowned, as he does with all people, he helps them become the best version of themselves and fulfil their destiny.

Merlin’s Symbols

  • L’if, l’arbre de la connaisse cachée, de la divination et des voyageurs entre dimensions
  • Le chiffre 5, Merlin rentre en rapport avec le chiffre 5 pour apprendre aux gens de dépasser la perception des 5 sens et de voir au-delà
  • les synchronicités
  • la foudre et les phénomènes électriques
  • Les animaux de la forêt sont souvent ses messagers

The Merlin Elixir offers support for:

Assume your crown

Take back the reins of your own life, assume full responsibility of your own life and actively create the life you dream of and co-create the reality in which you desire to live

Listen to your soul

Merlin is the gate-keeper of our spiritual consciousness and our subconscious. If we are prepared to confront all that we are and all that our reality encompasses (see the bad as well as the good), he will guide us and help us reconnect to our soul. We can then start to act in accord to our soul, and our life will expand beyond what we consider possible.

Learn magic

Merlin supports the quest of knowledge of those that are pure of heart and wish to learn more about the mysteries of life, that wish to understand mysterious phenomena and stories and that wish to become magiciens. For everyone that wishes to expand his spiritual and cosmic consciousness.

Be lighthearted

The Merlin Elixir is beneficial for people that take themselves, and life in general, too seriously or who have lost their sense of humour. This Elixir will help you wind down and continue life in a joyful manner.

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