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Dive into the universe of the Source, the intangible and mysterious presence that hides in every element of existence, the added magic and intensity you can feel floating around sacred springs. The Source is nothing other than our own source, our beginning and our end, all at the same time. Allowing us to dive deep within our own essence, she accompanies us throughout this elixir…

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The Source is the soul of the universe, the spark of light that shimmers within each and every being and that weaves us all into the same infinite tapestry of existence. She is undefinable, beyond all rationalisation and understanding, she is the inspiration of unknown and mysterious things that come to us from places our mind can’t even begin to comprehend the vastness of. She is the alpha and omega, that which cannot be named or proven, but which is known beyond a shadow of a doubt by our heart and our soul.

The Source is the absolute silence in our center that radiates outwards and that reduces the world around us to silence as well, that puts it in pause, as if we went beyond time and space to encounter the depths of something infinitely more grand, to abandon ourselves.

The Source Elixir offers support for:

Open yourself up to universal consciousness

Helps to reconnect to all that surrounds you, feel that you’re part of the whole, develop cosmic presence and integrate wisdom and information that is present beyond the dimension of earth. Anchors the consciousness of an interconnected and unified reality.

Experience abundance and flow

Helps to get closer to your own source and the source of existence. The closer we get to our own source, the more life will flow like a river and become easier, the further away we drift, the harder life becomes and the rockier our path.

Open the gates to the celestial realms

Helps to reconnect to divine inside of you, which allows you to reconnect to the divine outside of you.

Become a co-creator of reality

When we are conscious of the divine essence that resides inside ourselves, we become conscious of the role we play in this reality and we stop undergoing this reality and start to master it and create it instead.

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