The universe of Awakening

Towards Awakening

The soul that is born from the cosmic egg, the bodhisattva consciousness, a constant state of grace. This is elixir was born on 11/09 with the intention of offering a counterweight to the powerful egregore of fear and hate that was created on 11/09/2011.


This elixir was conceived as an antidote to the world of illusions in which we live, which limits us. It is there to remind us that even when a situation can appear hopeless, we can turn all negativity around with the simplicity and speed of snapping our fingers if only we believe that it is so.
This elixir holds within it the power of the number 11 in its light aspect: the power of elevation in union, of illumination. “Awakening” strikes with the power of a lightning bolt to explose all false constructs and bring light to where it is most needed

The Awakening elixir offers support for:

Break through the matrix

This elixirs is the sword that pierces through the darkness and that destroys the matrix of limitations and suffering in which we are being confined. Awakening allows to find the exit and touch upon the grace that is present outside of all artificial construct.

Find your faith

For people who are no longer capable of believing in the divine, who are no longer capable of believing in a force greater than human beings or the underlying harmony of the universe.

Pierce illusions

This elixir has the potential of breaking through vicious cycles, of deconstructing a personality based on ego and false values, piercing illusionary bubbles, undoing what no longer serves us to free the underlying truth

About Awakening

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