Pravaha Elixirs

Discover the magic of the Symphonic elixirs

Pravaha elixirs are aromatic symphonies, mixtures of different species of plants and pure flowers. They exist to do you good, to raise you up and to help you find your way of life.

Elixirs of the month

To accompany people that are going through big changes in life or that are preparing to do so. To help you let go of your old way of functioning and move on without taking the weight of the past with you.


To stay grounded throughout the movement, to prevent you from losing yourself while powerful changes operate in your life. To have the strength and the courage to persevere and follow up on your passions. To find your pillar of strength inside of you when everything around you seems unstable and you feel like you’re losing your ground.


To facilitate listening to your intuition at each new step in life, to perceive the path ahead and see beyond the obstacles created by your current circumstances. To be able to take decisions that correspond to your strengths, in stead of letting your choices get influenced by your fears, to see and perceive beyond what you are used to perceiving and develop new ways to handle and see certain situations.

Quan Yin

To accompany you throughout the grieving process  of your old life and your old self. To let go of the attachement created to certain people, possessions or habits that correspond to your past self. To leave the heaviness of the past behind and go forth with lightness of heart and start a new chaptre in life with renewed energy.

Deal of the Month


69 € instead of 75 for the purchase of 3 elixirs

The Elixir Team

Each member of the Elixir family, founder or ambassador, offers their services for discovery workshops, olfactory journeys, healing sessions  and many other things with the magical Elixirs.

The ambassadors

From Canada to France and England, to Belgium and other countries, find your Elixir ambassador. There is certainly one close to you.

The co-creators

Anaïs & Jean-Baptiste felt a strong calling to create these elixirs while they were travelling around the world and the elixirs were finally born in October 2016 in Bromont, Canada.

The Alchemist

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Mikaël Zayat has been living in Québec for over 40 years. His roots contain the tradition of healing oils which he combined with a holistic view on health.
Zayat in Arab means “he who makes oils”. Mikael is responsible for choosing the right dosage of each of the oils that goes into every Elixir. After this the oils are unified and infused with the energy of the guide or ascended master that accompanies each oil.

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