“Mary” elixir – Word of Honour


Aromatic symphony

Size: 5ml – 0.17 oz
Rosa rubiginosa, Hypericum, cinnamomum camphora, Picea pungens


The Mary elixir corresponds to the colour blue and the throat chakra

is helpful for:

  • Oral expression: Express yourself with assurance and clarity, use the right words, speak publicly with ease, express yourself with confidence in a group setting. Helps dissolve any obstacles of communication such as language barriers. Helps you speak your truth, in all circumstances, in a direct but gentle manner.
  • Express and clarify your emotions: Helps you find the right words to express what you feel in your heart, helps evacuate painful or unbalanced emotions without hurting anyone.
  • Purification: Helps purify and cleanse your etherial and physical body from any blocage that is caused by so-called “negative” emotions such as sadness, anger or rancour (emotions that scar the throat chakra)
  • Open up to universal communication: A human being is naturally able to feel connected to all that surrounds us and everything that lives on this planet or beyond, as well as communicating with the elements. If we want to evolve, it is essential we reconnect to a larger, more intuitive sense of communication and let all of our senses express themselves.

Additional information

Weight40 g
Dimensions22 × 53 mm

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  1. arol

    Une amie m’a offert cet élixir. Magnifique ! Avant j’avais peur d’exprimer mes sentiments par peur de blesser ! Maintenant je n’ai plus de peur, la parole vient facilement, c’est fluide et sans jugement, comme si une autre “personne lumineuse” parlait à ma place. Merci

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