«Zest for Life» combination


Trio of Elixirs: 55£ in stead of 60£

To help people that went through a difficult period in life or that feel melancholic or depressed to reconnect to joy, enjoy life again and turn a page. To invite a breath of fresh air into their lives and experience a lightness of being.



“Isis & Osiris” Elixir

To allow yourself to have fun, to enjoy the good things in life, to find joy in your everyday life again and engage people and activities that procure joy and pleasure. To re-establish inner balance.

“Hathor” Elixir

To see the beauty in life and in every circumstance, keep a positive, kind and hopeful attitude towards yourself and life in general. To cultivate joy and optimism.

“Source” Elixir

To get back your inner strength and source your energy in the infinite and abundant reserve in your centre. To reconnect to the energy of abundance in all domains in life and invite encounters, energies and activities into your life that nourish and elevate you.


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