Tips & suggestions for use

The Pravaha Elixirs have been produced in an artisanal and conscious way from beginning to end. Each blend of essential oils is harmonised with colour and sound, hence the name aromatic symphonies. After this magical process, the different essences become one single Elixir and contain the energy of the guide they represent.

An olfactory journey

The Elixirs have been conceived to pursue a spiritual path. 

They can have an effect on the body, because the well-being of the soul and spirit have a direct impact on the body, but the goal is not to heal physical illnesses, they are not medicine, but spiritual tools.

The Elixirs are intended for an olfactory use. It’s by smelling the essence that you connect to its energy. 


How get the most out of the Elixirs?

We recommend you smell an elixir when you feel you need some support in certain areas, to smell them right before you go to sleep if you want to let them work on you for a longer period of time and for deeper healing or to smell them before meditation to connect to the energy of the guide that inspired the essence. Even the simple fact of keeping the bottle on you during the day will connect you to its energy and work its magic.

Alternative uses

You can also use the elixirs in a water-based essential oil diffuser to clear, harmonise and change the energy of a room and the people in it or pour a drop on your wrists and rub them together to diffuse the elixir in your aura.


If you have more than one elixir, you can choose the elixir that will accompany you during the day and that resonates with your energy and needs by closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths and picking the elixir that will accompany you. We recommend you use one elixir per day so that this elixir can really work its magic on you before you go on to another one and mix different energies.


How to use the Elixirs?

The Elixirs are made with essential oils or aromatic essences and are used in a similar manner. We suggest you follow your intuition and your heart when using the elixirs.

For how long can I keep the Elixirs?

They can be preserved for 3 years (except for “Hathor” which will keep 2 years). It’s important to keep the elixirs in a place where they are protected from an excess of light (in a box, cupboard or bag) and shielded from air (make sure to close the bottles because the essences can evaporate).

Can I use the Elixirs on my skin?

You can use the elixirs directly on the skin. Before using them you can do a test on the inside of your elbow or knee to check there is no allergic reaction. If you see any kind of allergic reaction or the skin “burns”  after application, you can rince the skin with a vegetable oil.

If an elixir comes into contact with your eyes, abundantly rince the oil out with a vegetable oil, water will not help in this instance.

Never apply an essential oil on the mucous membranes.

How to preserve the energy of the Elixirs?

The Elixirs have been “charged” with a certain energy, but they can loose part of their energy when they travel often or when they are used for many different people and frequencies,  because they can absorb some of the energy from the places and people that surround them. You can maintain the high frequency of the elixirs with some attention and care.  There are certain symbols that harmonise the molecules of the elixirs when you place the bottle on them. The flower of life is a universal symbol that can be used for each of the elixirs and you can use Tibetan bowls to harmonise the elixirs with sound as well.

Can I ingest the elixirs?

The elixirs can not be ingested. This means they can not be swallowed or mixed in with a drink. They are only suitable for external use.

Can we use the elixirs to do massages?

The Elixirs can be used in massage. You can dilute the essence in a neutral oil such as jojoba or sunflower oil which are perfect for the stability and conservation of the properties of the essences.

Are there other recommendations?
  • Keep them out of reach of children
  • Essential oils are highly inflammable and need to be kept out of reach of fire and heat sources.
  • They are not recommended for pregnant women.

Ask your question if you do not find it in the above questions and answers.

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