• Heal wounds of the Heart: For people that have sustained injuries to the heart after romantic or relational disappointments and whose heart has grown hard. We are unable to live fully or open up to romantic encounters or meet new friends when our heart is hurting or when we’re unable to feel empathy for other human beings. Beneficial for people that are recovering from a break-up or a disappointing friendship.
  • Open your heart: For people that have a hard time loving or being loved, trust other people or establish relationships from heart to heart. For people that are following their hearts and that want to consolidate this choice by continuing to expand their heart and open up to new experiences and adventures, without being held back by fear of the unknown.
  • Find your path in life: Anchors your consciousness in your heart, instead of in your head, helps you recognise and follow your inner voice which guides you to your purpose.
  • Make you emotionally independent : If we are emotionally dependent, our relationships will correspond to our wounds and weaknesses, instead of our strengths. The Sananda Elixir helps you take care of yourself and love yourself, before opening you up to unconditional love and helping you discover a love that is free of expectations or attachments, free of jealousy or any need to compare.

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