The Universe of the Elixirs

Immerse yourself in the universe of each elixir, discover where they come from and meet the guide that inspired each creation. Learn more about their specific use, the energy they are associated with, their unique benefits… 

All elixirs

We are the Pravaha Elixirs, aromatic symphonies, blends of pure plant and flower essences and we exist to bring you more well-being, to help you elevate yourself and help you find your purpose. We are 9 in total, each one of us corresponding to a different chakra, the energy nodes of your body. We are the guardians of your inner temple, each one of us can help you gain access to a different part of yourself and help you untangle the energies that can present obstacles in your life to catalyse harmony and flow.


offers support for go to the essence, increase your vital energy, accept your incarnation and grounding.

Isis & Osiris

offers support for regain inner balance, harmonise masculine and feminine energy, find balance within your couple, harmonise your approach to men/women and have a healthy sexlif.


offers support for be in the non-judgment, develop a solar personality, heal the wounds of the ego, adopt a healthy lifestyle and people who work in the care setting.


offers support for heal the wounds of the heart, open your heart, find your path in life and make you emotionally independent


offers support for oral expression, express and clarify your emotions, purification and open up to universal communication.


offers support for activate the pineal gland, see Clearly and be open-minded.


offers support for assume your crown, listen to your soul, learn magic and be lighthearted.

Quan Yin

offers support for be free from attachment, free yourself from dogma, purity of Being and master time.

The Source

offers support for open yourself up to universal, experience abundance and flow, open the gates to the celestial realms, become a co-creator of reality.


offers support for Break through the matrix, find your faith and pierce illusions.


Connect to Avalon: For people who wish to strengthen their connection to Glastonbury, who wish to facilitate distant connection and keep their link alive and active.


offers support for reconnection to the divine masculine within and for women who need to heal from wounds regarding the masculine

Our mission

We wish to lend you a hand while you’re making sense of your life and looking for your place in the world, help you find a path that will make you feel alive and that will allow you to flourish. We will be at your side when you encounter difficulties or obstacles, to help you stay centred and find the right solutions.

We act like messengers of your soul and we are here to help you become conscious of repeating patterns. We influence your spiritual body to harmonise your energy and open up your chakras to help you see new perspectives and possibilities. We are a family of 9, and when you journey across all 9 you come full circle, from germination to (re)birth, ready to move on to another phase in your personal evolution, begin a new cycle with more consciousness, more well-being and more authenticity.